Virtual React Example: Material Ui (List)

List supports component prop, so it can be easily integrated with Material UI or Bootstrap. Also disablePadding should be passed to MuiList, because scroll element offsets are not supported.

import { memo } from "react";
import { useVirtual, List, createListItemRef } from "@af-utils/virtual-react";
import MuiListNative from "@mui/material/List";
import ListItem from "@mui/material/ListItem";
import ListItemButton from "@mui/material/ListItemButton";
import ListItemText from "@mui/material/ListItemText";
import type { ListItemProps } from "@af-utils/virtual-react";

const Item = memo<ListItemProps>(({ model, i }) => (
    <ListItem ref={createListItemRef(model, i)} disablePadding>
            <ListItemText primary={`row ${i}`} />

const MuiList = () => {
    const rows = useVirtual({
        itemCount: 50000,
        estimatedItemSize: 48

    return (
        <List component={MuiListNative} disablePadding model={rows}>

export default MuiList;